Since 1960’s, the Old London Underground Company has been operating. It has received assistance from various sectors like The Transport for London and The Mayor of London. This support was to assist it create a “Ghost” tube station from an Experiential tourist adventure.

Discovering London’s Lost Underground Stations

Ajit Chambers is one of the sole proprietors working on the Underground Project. His initial idea on working in this project was to turn the Old Underground station into a tourist attraction. He has always been determined to succeed despite facing many challenges.

Chambers was inspired to start this project on 14th February 2009 (Valentine’s Day). Chamber was seated at a restaurant with his wife trying to look for something to do. He thought there must have been something exciting to do out there.

Discoveries at the Old London Underground Company

He then started finding out stuff and discovered stations that had been abandoned. He found out 26 sites which he wanted to turn into entertainment space, museum and storage space.
The first step he Chambers took was modelling the project site. He planned to use 2D plans to create the station again into a BIM and 3D environment. He used software that enabled them map the resource, quantities and other cost plans.