The Spectacular Concept Of Subterranean Architecture

Spectacular Concept Of Subterranean Architecture

Humanity has had a long history of utilising the space that we have beneath us. Underground rooms and spaces date back thousands of years. People have been digging for a really long time. There is a deep history that people lived in caves and underground spaces while also making use of the above tracks for land and for growing crops as well. Drawing upon the experience of mankind in the past, we can definitely see that underground constructions are definitely a part of our present and future. One of the most amazing spectacles of underground architecture would be the Underground system in London.

It is definitely a spectacle, indeed. There are hundreds of trains going at a really fast speed every single minute. There are multiple levels, as well. Just like this system, there are underground systems everywhere in the world.

hyperloop system that Elon Musk is planning

You can even think about the hyperloop system that Elon Musk is planning. This kind of architecture has definitely achieved the principle of making use of underground spaces for good. Almost every single house has a basement which is underground. Almost every single example will include a hidden underground space in order to make use of all the space we have.

Architects have been always locked in competition to see who can build the world’s best and tallest structure, but there are some architects were so talented that they make use of what is below the earth surface as well. These clever people have been trying to incorporate natural light from above and also showcase the rocket beauty of subterranean settings with the help of rock formations and caves as well.

I have to add that this work is definitely intricate. You cannot have any mistakes. You need to be very careful, because you are making use of subterranean spaces. You are also letting nature in by making use of rock formations, fruits, quarry spaces and more.

There are a lot of examples of spectacular concepts of subterranean architecture.

subterranean architecture

1. There was one place where I visited in Stockholm. It was submerged beneath the granite bedrock of Stockholm. It formed a nuclear bunker which was built in 2008, and it has been transformed into a data centre. The impenetrable complex has been boasting waterfalls and beautiful greenhouses. It even uses multiple engines for backup power. As you know, nuclear bunkers are impenetrable. An underground nuclear bunker would be indestructible.

2. This place is actually buried in a hillside in Tuscany. Tuscany has some magnificent views. I’m talking about the headquarters of an Italian winemaker who has 540,000 ft.² of space. This place culminates a staircase, subterranean structure that houses a museum, a shop, a restaurant and even a winery.